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Ich freue mich sehr, dass du mein Inserat TS Amy in München auf gefunden hast.
Trans Amy
Mit mir kannst Du deine Träume in der Realität erleben.

Ich verstehe es, dein Herz höher schlagen zu lassen. Passiv oder Aktiv!
In mir findest Du fast Alles, wovon Du immer schon geträumt hast, den mein Service ist sehr umfangreich!
Egal ob Du Anfänger bist oder schon Erfahrung hast. Bei mir gehst Du mit einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis nach hause.

Iam happy that you find me here on
Hei there, this is me, all my life I have been a girl (trans is something special about me but I consider myself a woman). I am a young 21 year old fully-functional. I found out I was trans at age of 8 (yes I always been completely feminine thanks to mother nature and for the love I have for myself to look after myself). Let´s get the physical out the way first, I look very passable as a girl and I was told I look hotter than most girls out there in fact I am a bit a vain person, I cared for the way I look like my body, my hair and etc (with love). I have always been the only transexual in my school and college, I dont know why which I wonder why. Over the years since I was 8 years old I learn how to look more and more convincing thats why I´m so feminine if you ask me cause thats how I feel happy. I think if you´re unexperienced you´ll see who I am and how part of the nature being a transexual is all about,I love being discovered by man who never even touched someone like me, I am the kinda woman you never met. Above all I´ve never done any surgery, I´m naturally pretty, some people say one of a kind and you´ll only know if you get to know me and meet me, even as a child and a teenage nobody could say I was transexual, like i said being a transexual is what makes me special but I see myself as a natural women and also everybody sees me as a woman, so does my family and friends, other than having fun with you I live a normal lifestyle, no I dont sleep around, I love going out and travelling and enjoying life. I am funny, clever, discreet, adventurous. About my body you can tell by the pictures I have an amazingly curvy slim´s body in which I enjoy looking after very much (you can tell) - I am intelligent and I know how to behave myself and classy always even tho I´m so young I know what to wear depending of the occasion and location. I like enjoying life. I have a 4inches uncut, 100% fully functional secret. I dont have extremely big thing, mine is small and fits on my feminine petite body, you´ll understand when you watch me while I undress. I have brown eyes, natural lips and long hair.I always find it awkward describing myself physically in writing so I´ll let my pictures do the talking. All my photos a recent and I updated regularly with new pictures almost every week and I look exactly as my photos but you can follow me on instagram and keep updated to me everyday.

Estoy feliz de que me encuentres aquí en
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